Passenger FAQ

Airlines Serving STS

What airlines serve STS?

The Airport offers nonstop flights on Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Avelo Airlines.  Book a Flight today!

What destinations are currently available from STS?

The Airport offers nonstop flights on the following airlines:

  • Alaska Airlines: Burbank (BUR), Seattle (SEA), Portland (PDX), Los Angeles (LAX), Orange County (SNA), and San Diego (SAN).
  • American Airlines: Phoenix (PHX) and Dallas (DFW).
  • Avelo Airlines: Burbank (BUR), Las Vegas (LAS), Palm Springs (PSP), and Bend/Redmond.

All Airlines offer a wide-range of connecting flights to destinations across the continental U.S., Mexico, and beyond. Book a Flight.

Why fly out of STS instead of Oakland, Sacramento, or San Francisco airports?

STS is the closest and most convenient airport for travelers to and from Northern California’s Wine Country. It has shorter lines and is easy to navigate. You can save yourself a stressful and unpredictable two-hour drive by flying locally. Parking is less expensive and only a short walk to the terminal. The airfares for flying out of STS are competitive with other airports especially when time and convenience are factored in.

When will the Airport add more destinations to the flight schedule?

The Airport is in ongoing talks with several carriers. However, passengers can always book connecting flights to multiple destinations while traveling via Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Avelo Airlines — our current carriers. To find out where you can currently fly from STS, check our Book a Flight page.

Can I smoke at the Airport?

No. Smoking is not allowed inside or within 25 feet of any Sonoma County governmental building.

What is the Airport code (identifier)?

The Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport code is STS.


Can I buy airline tickets in the terminal?

We recommend that you use our Book a Flight page to book flights on our available carriers.

Travelers are also encouraged to purchase tickets online or through an agent. However, reservations can be made via the onsite ticket counters at STS. Travelers wanting to pay cash for a reservation may do so when the check-in counter is staffed, typically two hours before departure times. For more information, visit the Book a Flight page.

What is the ticket counter phone number?

You can find this information at:

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Avelo Airlines

I need to change my flight, whom do I contact?

Get information about flight changes at:

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Avelo Airlines

What are the fares for air service from STS?

To get information on fares, visit the Book a Flight page, or visit the airlines directly.

Ground Transportation

What taxi and ride-share companies serve the Airport?

Please see the Ground Transportation page for information.

Please note: Taxicab, Ride Share, and commercial vehicle operators who are interested in operating at Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport are required to complete a temporary agreement. Please see the Taxicabs and Commercial Vehicles page for more information.

Where are the rental car counters?

The rental counters are located in baggage claim.

Where can I catch the Groome Transportation Shuttle?

Groome Transportation up at the blue bus shelter in front of Costeaux, just south of the terminal. Please do not stop or park in this bus stop parking zone, leave it clear for buses. For a complete list of schedules, fares, and stops, refer to the Groome Transportation website.

Check-In and Arrival Times

How far in advance of departure should I arrive at the Airport to check my baggage?

Please refer to our Check-In page for information based on carrier.

Baggage: Checked & Carry On

Baggage claim is located in the main terminal. How many carry-on items can I bring on board the plane? What does it cost to check a bag?

Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport doesn’t set the regulations for baggage policy. Please contact your carrier directly with these questions:

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Avelo Airlines

Can luggage be checked at the curb?


Where is baggage claim?

Baggage claim is located in the main terminal.

Where is baggage check-in?

Passengers traveling on Alaska, American, and Avelo may check their luggage at the check-in counter with their carrier in the main terminal.

Are there check-in kiosks?

Kiosk check-in is available for all passengers traveling with carry-on luggage only. See the Check-In page for further details.

What kind of baggage identification do you recommend?

Airlines suggests you keep a current luggage ID tag securely attached to the outside of your baggage.

I have wine that I am bringing with me from Santa Rosa. Is it allowed on the plane?

Alaska Airlines offers a free checked wine program.

The Alaska Airlines Wine Flies Free program is offered to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plus members only. Passengers may check one case of wine (12 bottles), as checked baggage at no extra charge on flights departing from Sonoma County, however the wine must be packaged to courier standards. See the Alaska Airlines Checked Wine Policy for more details.

Traveling with Children or Pets

Where can I find information about traveling with children or my pets?

Please see your airline carrier for traveling with children or pets:

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Avelo Airlines

Who is in charge of security screening at the Airport?

Trinity Technology Group, a contractor for TSA, is in charge of security screening at Sonoma County Airport. For information about prohibited items, acceptable ID, traveling with food or gifts, and more, visit

What items are allowed in my carry-on and checked baggage?

Visit TSA’s web page to see what can and cannot be checked in carry-on and checked baggage:

Will my laptop, pager, or cell phone go through a screening machine?

Yes. For more information about traveling with battery-powered electronic devises, visit TSA’s page:

Can parents or guardians escort children who are traveling alone through security to the boarding gate?

Fees and restrictions may apply – check with your carrier directly:

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Avelo Airlines


Are security (law enforcement) officers present at the Airport?

Security Officers are present at the Airport. The security team partners with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department in the event of illegal or suspicious activity.

What kind of photo identification is accepted when checking-in for my flight?

Please refer to for ID Requirements for Airport Checkpoints:

Do I need a passport in order to board the plane?

If you are flying within the U.S. you do not need a passport in order to board a plane. However, passports are government issued forms of identification that can be used when checking in to your flight.

Can I bring food and beverage onto the flight?

TSA guidelines state that, “All food must go through the X-ray machine. Do NOT bring food to the security checkpoint unwrapped. Food must be wrapped or in a container. Unpeeled natural foods like fruit are okay, but half-eaten fruits must be wrapped.” Beverages purchased after the security checkpoint can also be brought onto the plane. TSA regulations prohibit bringing any beverages in containers over 3 ounces through the security checkpoint.

Arrivals & Departures

Arrivals and Departures

Arrival and Departure information can be found on the Flight Status page.

Where can I meet arriving passengers?

You can meet arriving passengers inside the STS terminal, outside at the gate between the restaurant patio and the terminal, or in front of the terminal.

This is a small airport. Why do I have to arrive so early to depart?

STS is a small airport, but recommended passenger timelines are set by airlines, and are airport wide. See the Check-In page for details.

Can I accompany a passenger through Security screening to the boarding area?

Yes, under certain conditions. If a passenger requires an escort due to disability or age, an escort must obtain a security pass at the check in counter and go through security screening to accompany the passenger to the boarding area. Security passes are limited and typically one pass is issued per passenger requiring an escort.

ADA Services at STS

What services are available to assist passengers with disabilities?

Airlines are pleased to provide assistance for travelers who require Mobility/Wheelchair assistance. To provide the optimal experience, it is recommended that all travelers:

Make their reservations as early as possible; services can be requested online or over the phone.

Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure when requesting these services. Advise a Customer Service Agent (CSA) of any special requirements when checking in at the airport.

Are service animals allowed on the plane?

Yes. At no time during the screening process will you be required to be separated from your service animal.

If you are traveling with a service animal, please inform the Transportation Security Officer (TSO) that the animal is a service animal. You will be requested to maintain control of your service animal during the entire screening process.

If, after screening, you need to go back outside to relieve your animal, upon returning to the screening checkpoint you must undergo the entire screening process again. However, you may inform the TSO upon your return to the screening checkpoint and he or she will make every effort to move you to the front of the line.

Lost and Found

I lost something. Who can help me?

Visit the Lost & Found page for information.

Plane Charters

I need to charter a plane, whom do I contact?

To charter a plane from STS, visit the Partners page for information.

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