Taxicabs and Commercial Vehicles

Notice: Temporary Taxicab Operating Agreement

The Airport has instituted a temporary taxicab operating agreement that went into effect starting December 1, 2010. All taxicab operators must have an agreement on file in the Airport Manager’s Office in order to conduct business at the Airport after that date. Forms are posted below and are also available in the Airport Manager’s Office at the address listed at the bottom of this page.

Please Read

Please read the following instructions regarding the forms posted below:

Operators:  Fill out Form 1, review Forms 2 and 3, fill out Form 4, ask drivers who will operate at the Airport to complete Form 5. Provide copies of Forms 3 and 6 to drivers. Mail or bring the completed forms to the Airport Manager’s Office for review. Once approved, you will be notified to pick up passes for your drivers.

Driver/Operaters: Follow the instructions above. Fill out Forms 1 and 5 and mail or bring them to the Airport Manager’s Office.

Drivers: Work with your operator to complete and review the appropriate forms. The operater will submit the forms to the Airport Manager’s Office for approval.

Operators and Operator/Drivers will be notified after forms are reviewed. If approved, passes will available in the Airport Manager’s Office for pick up.

Taxicab Checklist

Taxicab Checklist: A checklist of the forms and documents below for reference

  1. Temporary Taxicab Registration and Operating Agreement
    Operators and Operator/Drivers, review, complete, and submit (Rev. 11/17/10)
  2. Exhibit B – Insurance Required for Temporary Taxicab Registration Agreement
    Operators and Operator/Drivers, review (Rev. 11/17/10)
  3. Exhibit C – Commercial Vehicle Parking Diagram
    For review by Operators, Operator/Drivers, and Drivers
  4. Exhibit D – Vehicle Identification Form
    Operators and Operator/Drivers, review, complete, and submit (Rev. 11/1/10)
  5. Taxicab Driver Agreement
    All drivers review, complete, and submit to Operator or Airport Manager’s Office (Rev. 11/24/10)
  6. Taxicab Operating Rules
    For review by all drivers (Rev. 11/24/10)

If you are unable to access the documents please contact us.

If you have questions or comments, call (707) 565-7243 or send us an email.

Airport Manager’s Office
Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport
2290 Airport Blvd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403