Passenger Information

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Book A Flight

Where would you like to go? Book flights from STS to destinations like Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, and beyond.

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Airline Information

See the Airline Information page for direct links to each airline website, travel advisories, traveling with pets, baggage information, and more.

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See recommended arrival and check-in times for your carrier of choice.

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Use our desktop and mobile-friendly Google map feature for accurate directions to STS from any location or device. We look forward to serving you at STS!

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STS offers three convenient parking lots for short-term and long-term parking within a short walk to the terminal.

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Terminal Amenities

STS has several terminal amenities to help make travel easier. We offer WiFi access, luggage carts, on-site restaurants, ATMs and more.

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Visitor Information

There is plenty to see and do in Northern California Wine Country within a short drive from STS. Find out more about Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma counties.

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Why Choose STS?

See some of the factors that make flying to and from STS so much easier than other Northern California airports.

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Ground Transportation

Rental cars, Ride Shares, taxi services, Airport Express… STS has many ground transportation options for transfer to and from the airport.

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Flight Status

Flying out of STS? Picking up a passenger? Check out our real-time, mobile-friendly flight status checker to get the most up-to-date information on inbound & outbound flights.

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Security Information

Streamline your security experience at the aiport. Use the TSA “3-1-1 Liquids Rule” when packing your carry-on and checked luggage.

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Passenger FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions by passengers traveling via STS.

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Fly Carbon Neutral

STS is a proud airport member of The Good Traveler™, the world’s first aviation-focused carbon offset program.