Why Choose STS?

Why fly out of STS instead of Oakland, Sacramento, or San Francisco airports?

Flying in and out of Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS) is a great option for travelers.

Whether flying for business or pleasure, the benefits of traveling via STS start the moment you leave home.

  • Save time! STS is the closest and most convenient airport for both locals and visitors to Northern California’s Wine Country.
  • Save yourself from stress! Save the headache of a long, unpredictable, and often stressful drive to Oakland, San Francisco, or Sacramento.
  • Save money! Parking at STS is less expensive than other airports in Northern California. Airfares are competitive with other airports, especially considering time, convenience, and added travel costs.
  • Save your energy! STS is less crowded than other Northern California airports, and is easy to navigate. No need to wait for a shuttle to get to the terminal. Count on a short walk from the parking lot, a shorter security line, and a very short walk to and from your gate.
  • Save frustration! When returning from your travels, retrieve your luggage quickly and easily and take the short walk to your parked vehicle or other transportation, and find yourself already so much closer to being back home.

 Your time and energy are valuable. Save more for the things you like to do. Air travel can be an enjoyable experience, from the time you leave home to the time you return.

Choose STS! You’re worth it!