Authorized Signer Responsibilities

Authorized signers are responsible for ensuring that only individuals with an operational need receive Airport-issued badges. The authorized signer must determine that the individual applying for the Airport badge has a need to be on Airport premises. Authorized signers determine which level of access is required for the badge holder and which privileges are required in order for them to perform their duties at the Airport.

To begin the process of becoming a new authorized signer, contact the Airport Badging Office at (707) 565-4492.

Authorized signers are responsible for ensuring that all badges are terminated or deactivated immediately upon employment termination. This update should be done in AirBadge or by contacting the Airport Badging Office at (707) 565-4492. Failure to report a terminated badge will result in an administrative penalty. Authorized signers will be required to communicate with the Airport Badging Office staff during audits, investigations, and complaints to ensure that the Airport remains in compliance with all security regulations. Failure to do so may result in revocation of authorized signer privileges and further action from the Airport.

If you would like to become an authorized signer, you must:

  1. Complete Authorized Signatory Training, which includes:
  2. Complete AOA/ SIDA/ Area badging process

Contact the Airport Badging Office with any questions: (707) 565-4492