Doing Business FAQ

Doing Business at STS – General Info

Who operates the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)?
The FAA operates STS’s ATCT and the Federal government employs the staff.

Who owns and operates the Airport?
The Airport is owned and operated by the County of Sonoma and is a division of the Department of Transportation and Public Works.

How can I advertise in the Airport Terminal?
Please visit the Advertising page.

Are there Fixed Base Operators (FBO) at the Airport?
Please see the FBO page.

How can I find out about business opportunities at the Airport?
There are a variety of business opportunities available at the Airport. One is to rent space in which to conduct a business. The Airport has office and warehouse space available for aviation-related and other types of business. Contact the Airport Manager’s Office at (707) 565-7243 to inquire about available space.

There are also business opportunities for contractors, vendors, professional services, and others. To receive notice of upcoming Airport projects, visit the Current Airport Projects page of the Transportation & Public Works website and sign up for email alerts when new projects are posted.

Sonoma County Airport is owned by the County of Sonoma and operated by Transportation & Public Works Department. Visit the Purchasing page in the General Services Department website for information about doing business with the Airport and the County of Sonoma.

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