SIDA Badges

How to Get a SIDA | Sterile Badge

NOTE: All badge applicants must first be pre-authorized by a valid Airport Authorized Signer (otherwise known as the Authorized Signatory, which is a designated signer affiliated with a business that has a current operating agreement with the Airport, has received Authorized Signatory training, and been designated as the Airport’s primary contact for that business).
Read more about Authorized Signatory

STEP 1: Apply for a SIDA Badge and Get Fingerprinted

Schedule Starter Application and Fingerprinting Appointment

Have You Been Notified By STS That You Are Pre-Authorized? If so:

Book your SIDA start/fingerprinting appointment online by clicking on the button below.

You can also schedule an appointment by calling: (707) 565-7243

What to Expect at the Appointment:

This appointment includes completing the SIDA badge application and fingerprinting.

Applicants should bring one of the ID’s listed in the I-9 form per TSA (Usually a current U.S. Passport).

U.S. Born applicants may also bring:

  • driver’s license + social security card or
  • driver’s license + certified copy of birth certificate

Non-U.S. Born applicants must present:

  • A current U.S. Passport
  • Foreign passport with I-551 stamp
  • Employment Authorization Document
  • Driver’s license + Certification of Birth Abroad

What Happens Next: The SIDA Badge Approval Process

What happens after my SIDA Application and Fingerprinting Appointment?
Once you complete your SIDA start appointment and fingerprinting, your SIDA application will be submitted to TSA for review.
How Long Is The Process?
This process takes about a week to ten days to complete.
When Can I Pick Up My Badge?
After approval by TSA, you or your Authorized Signer will be notified by email from the Airport Manager’s Office that your SIDA badge is ready for pick-up.

NOTE: We require a SIDA Badge Pick-up Appointment to pick up the badge. Please see STEP 2 below.

STEP 2: Badge Pick-Up & Training Appointment

Schedule Your Badge Pick-Up and Training Appointment

Has STS Notified you to schedule a SIDA Badge Pick-Up & Training Appointment? If so:

Book Your SIDA Badge Pick-Up and Training Appointment by Clicking on the button below.

Be advised: This is a 90-minute appointment. Walk-ins are not accepted.

Be Prepared for Your Appointment

  1. You MUST bring a PHOTO ID to the appointment.
  2. Your badge photo will be taken at the start of the training appointment. The badge will be issued at the end of training.
  3. You will be trained on Security protocol at STS Airport and quizzed prior to the badge being issued.

Authorized Signatory

An Authorized Signatory is a designated person authorized to sponsor individuals and request Airport Identification badges (AOA or SIDA) on behalf of their company, hangar, or agency. Authorized Signatories are required to maintain an up-to-date Sponsor List (see form below) with the Airport Manager’s Office. When there are changes to be made on your list, send us an email or fax to (707) 542-5303. All changes must be made in writing.

Authorized Signers are required to complete an annual training. You will be notified when it is time for your annual training. Once you have completed the annual training, please return the signature forms to the Airport Manager’s office via scan/email, fax (707-542-5303) or mail. If you are unable to view the online training documents, please contact the Airport Manager’s office at (707) 565-7243.

Forms and Printouts

  1. Form I-9 Acceptable forms of identification, for SIDA and AOA badge applicants’ reference. Bring original ID; photocopies are not accepted.
  2. SIDA Badge Application Form
  3. Read and understand the Rules, Regulations, and Penalties or contact the Airport Manager’s office for a copy to review.

*NOTE: The following forms are currently being updated and are not available online: Privacy Act Notice, Criminal History Record Check Application, Privacy Certification – Social Security Number Verification. Please contact us directly for these forms. 

Questions? Call (707) 565-7243 or send us an email.