AOA Badges

How to Get an AOA Badge

NOTE: All badge applicants must first be pre-authorized by a valid Airport Authorized Signer (otherwise known as the Authorized Signatory, which is a designated signer affiliated with a business that has a current operating agreement with the Airport, has received Authorized Signatory training, and been designated as the Airport’s primary contact for that business).
Read more about Authorized Signatory

STEP 1: Apply for an AOA Badge

1a. Confirm Your Status
Contact your Authorized Signer (typically company general manager or main hangar tenant) to confirm that you are on their Sponsor List on record in the Airport Manager’s Office.
1b. Book Your Appointment
Book your AOA Badge Appointment online by clicking on the button below. Please select either AOA Badge Appointment (for an initial badge) or AOA Badge Renewal Appointment (if you are renewing a badge).

You can also call (707) 565-7243 to schedule the Appointment.

Appointments are located at:

STS Airport Manager’s Office
2290 Airport Boulevard
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

1c. Bring Proper ID to Appointment

Bring a current U.S. passport OR two forms of identification to your appointment. See I-9 for acceptable ID documentation.

If you have questions about acceptable ID, refer to Form I-9 or call (707) 565-7243.

Applications cannot be processed without the required ID. Bring original ID; photocopies are not accepted.

Please note: If the U.S. is not your country of birth you will need to bring in an additional form of identification. Please provide a current U.S. passport, a Certificate of Birth Abroad, OR Permanent Resident Card to complete the application process (see form below). Your application cannot be processed without this additional identification.


1d. AOA Badge Application
You will be required to fill out an AOA Badge application upon arrival to your appointment.

For your convenience, you may download and fill out the application prior to your appointment to save time.

Download the AOA Badge application
PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT sign or date your application until instructed to do so at your appointment.
Be sure to bring the application to your appointment

1e. AOA Badge Fee
The AOA Badges cost $40 and must be paid during your appointment, unless you are an employee of a commercial tenant.

An AOA Renewal Badge costs $25 and must be paid during your appointment, unless you are an employee of a commercial tenant.

Cash or checks accepted. No credit card option available.

Make checks payable to: Sonoma County Airport.

What Happens Next: The AOA Badge Approval Process

What happens after my AOA Badging Appointment?
Once you complete your AOA start appointment, your AOA application will be submitted to TSA for review.
How Long Is The Process?
This process takes about a week to ten days to complete.
When Can I Pick Up My Badge?
After approval by TSA, you or your Authorized Signer will be notified by email from the Airport Manager’s Office that your badge is ready for pick-up.

NOTE: We require an AOA Badge Pick-up Appointment to pick up the badge. Please see STEP 2 below.

STEP 2: AOA Badge Pick-Up Appointment

2a. Book Your AOA Badge Pick-Up Appointment

Did you receive notice that your badge is ready? If so:

Book your AOA Badge Pick-Up Appointment online by clicking on the button below. You can also call (707) 565-7243 to schedule the Appointment.

We DO NOT accept walk-ins. 

Your appointment will be at:

STS Airport Manager’s Office
2290 Airport Boulevard
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

IMPORTANT: Be sure to book your AOA Badge Pick-Up Appointment ASAP (within 60 days of being notified that it’s ready for pick-up). Your badge is only active for 60 days after the TSA approval dateIf you are unable to pick up your badge within the 60 day period, you will be required to start the entire process over again, including payment.

2b. Go to Your Pick-Up Appointment
Go to your Badge Pick-Up Appointment at the scheduled time.

IMPORTANT: YOU are required pick up your own AOA badge at this appointment. Other individuals or agents are not allowed to pick up the badge for you. AOA badges are also not sent by mail.

2c. What Happens at the Badge Pick-up Appointment?
During the appointment your photo is taken and we go over Rules, Regulations and Penalties with you before the AOA badge is issued.

Authorized Signatory

An Authorized Signatory is a designated person authorized to sponsor individuals and request Airport Identification badges (AOA or SIDA) on behalf of their company, hangar, or agency. Authorized Signatories are required to maintain an up-to-date Sponsor List (see form below) with the Airport Manager’s Office. When there are changes to be made on your list, send us an email or fax to (707) 542-5303. All changes must be made in writing.

Authorized Signers are required to complete an annual training. You will be notified when it is time for your annual training. Once you have completed the annual training, please return the signature forms to the Airport Manager’s office via scan/email, fax (707-542-5303) or mail. If you are unable to view the online training documents, please contact the Airport Manager’s office at (707) 565-7243.

Forms and Printouts

  1. Form I-9: Reminder: Bring original ID to your appointment; photocopies are not not accepted; Please see the I-9 for a list of all acceptable forms of documentation.
  2. AOA Badge Application: Reminder: Do NOT sign and date until instructed to do so while at your appointment.
  3. AOA Badge and Access Media Rules, Regulations and Penalties.

Questions? Call the Airport Manager’s Office at (707) 565-7243 or send us an email.