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What is that aircraft?

Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS) is committed to being a good neighbor. We understand that noise disturbances can be frustrating.

To help you better understand where noise is coming from and what the sounds might be, we are providing you with access to our Flight Tracking System. This technology enables you to identify and track overhead flights, discover where the flight originated from, and understand the flight destination.

Using the Flight Tracking System below helps you understand which aircraft is stemming from STS. Note, flight surveillance data may be delayed for security purposes and is FAA regulated.

The following commercial airlines currently serve STS: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Sun Country Airlines and United Airlines, as well as other private general aviation. For further information about the type of aircraft flown by the commercial airlines, please visit the Airline Information page.

If you live nearby a vineyard/winery, there is a strong possibility that noise disturbances you are hearing could in fact be propeller wind machines used in the vineyards to prevent frost. The sound from these machines mimics the propellers of an aircraft. These machines, utilized by wineries to prevent vine freeze, are set to kick-on automatically when temperatures dip during specific times of year (particularly January through April). The machines usually kick-on in the early hours of morning (as early as 3 a.m.).

Flight Tracking

Use the Flight Tracker below to identify overhead flight traffic, submit a noise complaint, or simply to have fun seeing what’s happening in the sky above! 

If you would like to submit a complaint regarding a specific aircraft or noise disturbance, please click on the “Add Complaints” button located on the map below and follow the instructions.

Please note: Airport staff responds to disturbance reports during normal office hours: M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., PST.

To learn more about how to use the Flight Tracker, click on the white “Help” button located on the tracking map.

2020 Monthly Noise Reports

Annual Noise Complaint Summaries

The Airport prepares a Noise Complaint Summary each year detailing complaints received. The Noise Complaint Summaries are presented annually to the Board of Supervisors for their review.